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  • "Missy did an amazing job and I would love to have her back again."  Heather 

  • "Our regular cleaning has been great. I can't think of anything that would improve the service at this time.  I love that I can strip the beds and place clean sheets on the bed and the ladies make the beds for me. This is a HUGE help!"  Wendy

  • "Choosing a cleaning service to me was much more than having someone wash and scrub. It was about trust and caring. With Missy. I have been blessed to have found both. She does an excellent job cleaning and goes above and beyond my expectations with each visit. But more importantly to me, I never worry when I leave my home open to her. Missy treats my home and my items as if they were her own. She is always punctual and timely in performing all her cleaning skills. I appreciate Bev's consistency with scheduling and being very flexible when unforeseen incidents happen. I could not be more pleased with my choice of cleaning companies."  Patty

  • "LOVE that all cabinets were wiped down! My house smelled fresh and clean when I got home. It also LOOKED clean - everything was in it's place (or placed somewhere to be tended to). I was very pleased and looking forward to LaTiffany's next visit."  Holly

  • "Once again, Brittany did an excellent job. My wife is thoroughly pleased.  The email reminder system is very helpful."  Jared

  • "From my first experience, I cannot see that any improvement is needed. Attention to detail is important which was done by Teresa. Also, promptness and being on time, happy and smiling was very pleasant.  I did like the email reminder."  Paula

Taking Note
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